Sunday, March 7, 2010

Logorama, Nicolas Schmerkin, 2009

This action packed number is one of the nominees forthe WINNER of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short. (Good work, folks!)

Chock full of logos and swearing!


Read the text of Nicolas Schmerkin's acceptance speech here

ETA: Congratulations, y'all.


  1. You're welcome. I'm posting the other nominees (except for the Wallace and Grommit short from Aardman, which I'm sure is incredible) in the coming days.

    I'm pretty stoked that this one won. Not that the others weren't enjoyable, but this one is both uproariously funny and very well done. Multiple viewings reveal some very witty details; it would be fun to see this on a big screen.

    I would also like to point out that Ian totally called this one. I hope he won something for his prescience (I believe movie tickets were on the line.)

  2. Way back when I first ran across this (on in early February), the link I used to post it was this one, and seems to still be working. Now, it's much lower quality than the YouTube version above, but it's also not broken into two eight-minute parts. And also it's working.

  3. It's one of those films that people have shook their heads in even after it won. It certainly is a rather radical-type piece, and the references and logos certainly might go over the heads of some. I ended up enjoying the film anyway, if only for one particular logo that got mixed into the bunch in their inventory. That logo belonged to the now-defunct supermarket chain called "Food Town", which came from my hometown (Toledo, OH), but who's life was ended in the last decade after being bought out by another chain who decided to close it after poor sales. It was sad, since I had one just down the street from me I used to go to for my late mother. Now whenever I think of that place, this short comes to my mind. Thank you France for bothering to care!