Sunday, March 14, 2010

História Trágica Com Final Feliz(A Tragic Story with a Happy Ending) Regina Pessoa, 2005

I know I have a high tolerance for watching animation when I don't have English subtitles or dubbing. If it's cool enough, I post it in hopes that at least some of you have that same tolerance. (The fact that half the visitors I get are from countries where English isn't the first language emboldens me in that regard.)

Here, I have a few versions of the same animation, which handle the language differently.

The full version, in the original Portuguese:

With English narration:

And no narration:


  1. Awesome. But note should be made that, as far as I can tell,* the aspect ratio is only correct in the third, un-narrated version. Sadly, it's also the fuzziest image. But the Portuguese narrator in that first one sure sounds great.

    *going by the National Film Board of Canada logo at the header, which I know is supposed to be square.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that too. Unfortunate.