Wednesday, March 24, 2010

But I Was Cool, Barrie Nelson (Music by Oscar Brown Jr.) 1971

Sometimes in my travels, I run into a mystery animation that nobody seems to know anything about. This is one of them. Things like music videos and commercials can be especially problematic in this regard.

Youtube user floriankeller would also like to know:

Unknown Artist (Ralph Bakshi?) animated Oscar Brown Jr's "But I Was Cool"
recorded on VCR in 1988 from a Munich, Germany loval TV-Station.
If you have any further information on this clip, please contact

(The animation style does look a little similar to Bakshi's, but I'm not 100% convinced it's him. I'm tagging this as 1960s, as the song was recorded in 1960 and teh animation is stylistically consistent with that time period. I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG)

I'll try to figure out who animated this and when, as I always like to credit the artists. Hopefully someone else can help. Apparently, this was part of a segment that appeared on Night Flight. We'll see if that helps.

ETA - I know it's been a while, but I am about, oh, 80% sure that the animator here is John Wilson. It looks like his style, and it seems like the kind of project he would do. Very much in his (ahem) wheelhouse.

MYSTERY SOLVED! The animator is Barrie Nelson, and this is an excerpt from the 1971 film Keep Cool.

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