Monday, June 22, 2009

Prince Amir-Hamzeh, Mad Mad Mad World, and Super Powers, Noureddin Zarrinkelk, 1977, 1975, and 1982

So when I'm looking for cartoons from around the world, sometimes I have a deuce of a time finding out what's going on, or who made the thing and when. I endeavor to get as much information as possible. (Google Translate is my friend.)

Sometimes it takes a bit of sleuthing, but when I find out about a great animator I would never have found otherwise, it makes this blog way more rewarding than I ever imagined it would be.

Noureddin Zarinkelk is the most prominent figure in Iranian animation. While earning his pharmeceutical degree in the late 1950's, he also studied the fine art of Persian miniature painting. He studied animation at the Belgian Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and went on to study with revered master animator Jiri Trnka.

Here is his film Prince Amir-Hamzeh, from 1977 .

And here are two anti-war cartoons, The Mad Mad Mad World(1975) and Super Powers(1982).

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