Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lift #5, Pilot Studios, 1989

Fifth film in the "Lift" series, from Russia's Pilot Studios.

Speaking of Pilot studios, you guys want to see something sad, but also kind of awesome?Here's a collection of photos from 2006, when Pilot Studios decided to get rid of all their old animation cals and drawings. The news sparked a dumpster diving frenzy when people realized what was happening. I know I would have dived directly into the middle of that pile. The garbage truck would have hauled me off.


  1. Yikes, that is sad, but awesome for those who got a chance to dive that dumpster.

  2. You'd think they could've sold what they had to make back some quick cash in today's money-starved work. Russian animation alone has took a massive hit after the 1990's and has never regained back it's glory for the independent sector that now has to go into more commercial efforts today.

    Pilot was also for it's time was one of the first privately-owned studios in the USSR prior to it's demise in '91. That studio certainly has history it should not be trying to throw away that quickly.