Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wolf Daddy, Chang Hyung-yun, 2005

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  1. Having to re-watch this one again for this comment, it's certainly an unusual film is you're trying to find some hidden message out of it. The film certainly has a quality to it that could work more effectively perhaps in a feature-length movie, though we only get 8-9 minutes of it presented here. The main protagonist (or antagonist, you decide) almost resembles the familiar furry god from "My Neighbor Totoro", though his situation comes off as one of a bachelor father who was now stuck with a kid out of wedlock. I will say for a short film out of Korea, it has gotten my attention most of all out of the attempts they've made in trying to break free out of their usual subcontracted rut (let alone copycatting from Japanese originals).