Sunday, August 10, 2014

TWO THOUSAND! Y'all Strut and Augentier, Emily Kaplan, 2013-2014

My 2000th post had been looming for a while, and I wasn't sure what to post for such a momentous occasion. Something grand? Rare? Bizarre? Famous? A feature?

Any of those would have been a good idea, but since I had the option and decided to go with a terrible one and post some of my own work from the past year. And by "work" I mean "exhausted flailing on the lawn hoping the neighbor kids don't poke me with a stick to see if I am dead" work.

Both of these were made to be seen in an environment where there would be no audio, so neither of them have it. Portions have also been used visual accompaniment for live music. If you are going to watch them, I would recommend putting on some music you enjoy.

Honestly I would recommend not watching them at all, but I can't stop you.

Y'all Strut was made for Artists in Storefronts 5: Cineteca (curated by Joan Vordebruggen and Jaime Carrera.) It was on display in the window of the Icehouse restaurant on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis.

Apparently it is fun to watch while high.

Augentier was made for Northern Spark, Minneapolis' Nuit Blanche, for a project we called Oculus. I have wanted to participate in Northern Spark for YEARS, since an all night arts festival seems like the sort of thing I was born to do. Unfortunately, we were plagued by absolutely Biblical weather, horrible parking lot lights, and the most terrifying bathroom I have ever seen in my life, so not very many people got to see it, save my co-exhibitors who were all wonderful.

Be extra super forewarned - this is a series of animated vignettes that was made long on purpose, so passers-by would see something different every time they looked or passed. It is just over 33 minutes which is... very long.

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  1. Yay! Happy two thousandth! And I'm glad to see you posting your own stuff!