Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Mouse on the Mayflower, Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, 1968


  1. I recall even as a kid thinking there was a more than coincidental resemblance between "Big Wheeze" the sidekick villain bear and Disney's "Balloo" from THE JUNGLE BOOK, which came out almost a year earlier than this. I guess Rankin/Bass can give thanks the statute of limitations is probably up on that copyright infringement suit. Thanks for tracking this down and Happy Holiday.

  2. Hi. Just discovered your blog and rest assured, I shall continue checking back pantsless.

    Anyways-- Man, I forgot this ever existed. I think the last time I saw it was back when Cartoon Network was devoted to showing classic animation, and would marathon holiday specials. Or at least, I *think* I remember watching this back to back with The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't, maybe it was some turkey-induced fever dream.