Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Move Your Feet, Shynola, 2003

Music video for Junior Senior.


  1. Love this one. When my older son was very little he would watch this over and over. Who wouldn't love to see an angry squirrel blow up the world and escape in DV's TIE Fighter?

  2. Yes! It's super fun.

    P.S. I tried to send you a message on Facebook but they were all like "GIVE US A DOLLAR!" and I said "No,you have a bazillion dollars and I have forty seven and I need them."

  3. i have left Facebook a few months back. couldn't handle it. so do not give them even half a bazillion dollars.

    my email:


  4. I would never. NEVER. And I don't blame you for abandoning FB, it is a horrible and silly place and a time-suck.