Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gustavus and Alienation, Marcell Jankovicz, 1965

Gustav was a very popular Hungarian cartoon series from the 60s and 70s, created by József Nepp, Attila Dargay and Marcell Jankovics.


  1. love it.

    jankovics is the man who directed feherlofia, right? i always expect his stuff to be more... experimental? i don't really like the style of this one, but i love the message/ending.

  2. Yep, same guy.

    The first time I watched this, I didn't look too closely at the credits, and was actually surprised to see that Jankovics was the director, I was POSITIVE it was Jozsef Nepp.
    Nepp is credited as a writer, but he may have had a more powerful hand in the production.

    Bear in mind a couple things - this was just one part of a large series (I think there are over 100 episodes) and this was Jankovics first work as a director - if you look at his later stuff, it more closely resembles the bold graphic style of Feherlofia.

  3. I always Jankovics was a very versatile artist for his time. He of course started as an animator like everyone else. I'm sure though it's one of those evolutionary process every artist goes through. You can see his credit here for a film Nepp did in the early 60's that was the genesis for the Gustavus series...

    Here's a film he directed himself early on of some interest...

  4. Thanks, Chris.

    I'm glad you've stopped in to comment on some of these posts. I really appreciate your knowledge.

  5. And that is a great cartoon. It's so January 16th.