Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fine Art of Goofing Off, Henry Jacobs and Bob McClay, 1972

Three excerpts from a longer series.
About the dvd:
In 1972, San Francisco public television station KQED aired the first of three half-hour
programs devoted to leisure titled The Fine Art of Goofing Off. Combining various
animation techniques — stop-action photography, claymation, collage, cut-outs,
and continuous drawing — this unique series celebrated pointless activity, dancing
between the silly and the philosophical with free-associative abandon.
With few if any creative limits set by the station, the films reveal a fresh, imaginative
collaboration between animator Bob McClay, Henry Jacobs, and producer Chris Koch.
Included are contributions from Alan Watts, author George Leonard, psychedelic poster
artist Victor Moscoso, filmmaker Jordan Belson, humorist Woody Leifer, as well as
members of the legendary San Francisco troupe and Second City antecedant, The
Committee. Amazingly, these three films were rescued by McClay on their way to the
dumpster about 30 years ago! Thanks to him, they've survived to still offer the advice,
"The pursuit of happiness can be extremely tiring— sit still and let happiness pursue you for a while."

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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