Sunday, November 21, 2010

7 Ways of the Meek, Ken Nordine, 2010

Ever have a bad week, no I mean a really bad bad bad week?
I haven't, but like you I can make one up.
-Ken Nordine

I am not a day person. I never have been; I was always more of a "middle of the night" person. A "wee hours" sort. Even as an infant, I used to stay up all night telling myself jokes, so I have been told.

The daytime is filled with shrill chattering(just now there is a murder of crows outside my window making some ungodly racket.) The voices of the night are much more distinctive. None more so than that of Word Jazz verbal virtuoso Ken Nordine.
"Stare with your ears," he instructs.

Imagine how thrilled I was that we can stare with our eyes as well; Nordine has been making animation to accompany his wordly visions.

an octogenarian curiosity, the originator of word jazz back in the 1950s, in love with the wow of now

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