Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RSA Animate, Andrew Park, 2009 - 2013

RSA Animate is a fascinating series, showing sped up footage of artist Andrew Park illustrating talks hosted by The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce. The amazing thing about these shorts, at least to me, is that they make everything the speaker is saying so stunningly clear. I can pick out exactly which points to agree and disagree with, and why. I think it's not just the fact that they are illustrated: there is something about watching the illustration in progress that keeps me utterly focused on the lecture. It resembles the way I have always taken notes in class (in one particular psychology class, I gained myself a bit of an audience.) Except it's better. Or at least, neater. At any rate, I am posting ALL OF THEM. Because I love you. Or because I don't want you to get anything done today. Up yours, Tuesday.

Stein Ringen; The Economic Consequences of Mr. Brown:

Matthew Taylor; Left Brain, Right Brain: Steven Davis and Stephen Lubner; Superfreakonomics: Phillip Zimbardo; The Secret Powers of Time: Jeremy Rifkin; The Empathic Civilization: Barbara Ehrenrich; Smile or Die: David Harvey; The Crises of Capitalism: Dan Pink; Drive; The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Slavoj Zizek; First as Tragedy, Then as Farce; You simply MUST subscribe to their Youtube Channel. ETA: Matthew Taylor;21st Century Enlightenment Ken Robinson; Changing Educational Paradigms RSA Christmas Greeting Stephen Pinker: Language as a Window into Human Nature Evgeny Morozov:The Internet in Society; Empowering or Censoring Citizens? Renata Salecl: Choice The Divided Brain: Ian McGilChrist The Power of Networks; Manuel Lima The Truth About Dishonesty: Dan Ariely The Power of Outrospection, Roman Krznaric Re-Imagining Work, Dave Coplin This isn't an RSA joint; it's a wonderful TED talk by Denis Dutton (RIP, 1944- 12.28. 2010) but Andrew Park does his thing here too, and THAT's beautiful. TED:: Denis Dutton; A Darwinian Theory of Beauty


  1. I love these, Ms. K (and yourself, of course).

  2. This is amazing. Great artwork consolidating great ideas.