Wednesday, February 10, 2010

High Note, Chuck Jones, 1960

A more traditional Warner Brothers cartoon that still shows off his visual talent.

Jones was an incredibly versatile visual director. The cleverness of his characterizations is so compelling that you don't often hear about how absolutely great his cartoons looked, which is something I'm a bit enamored of at present.

In case you couldn't tell.


  1. Some of my favorite classic WB cartoons are Jones' traveling Porky shorts featuring Sylvester in silent, "scaredy cat" mode. And it's mostly for this very reason. The visual quality and the color and design evident in the backgrounds (in Jumpin' Jupiter and especially Claws for Alarm) are of a rare and freewheeling beauty compared with most other directors who seemed to prefer contrasting the zaniness of the characters with more staid settings.

    The other reason I love them nearly best is that Chuck just obviously loved and understood cats. He's the only director who ever made Sylvester seem catlike to me.

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