Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, 1992

The short 8mm film that launched an empire. Lots of swears.

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  1. Technically, this was filmed on 16mm, I can tell they used a Rivas brand film splicer on it too.

    This was during the time Matt and Trey were studying at the Univ. of Colorado. Trey at the time was also putting together a feature film that ended up getting himself kicked out of school but was eventually picked up by Troma anyway (the famous "Cannibal! The Musical"). Of course he went on to a few other things, but it wasn't until 1995 when 'the other Spirit of Christmas short was produced as a video Christmas card given out by a Fox executive to some of his friends, and what later landed the guys a show on Comedy Central in '97 (after having infiltrated the tape-trading market and even getting online in the early internet). I can remember during the summer of '97 spending almost a half hour downloading a 15 meg Quicktime file just to watch that short, and then later finding out there was yet another one that was made earlier. Those were the days.