Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Maggie's Thinking, Matt Groening, 1987

Before The Simpsons became the longest running primetime sitcom, it started life as a humble series of short animated sketches that ran during The Tracy Ullman Show.

This short first aired on October 11, 1987.


  1. the early simpsons short are marvelous, and sometimes i wish that they had never evolved the way they did.

  2. The shorts are indeed marvelous.

    I think they ultimately had to adapt the way they did to support a half hour series. The old shorts are funny, weird, quick and punchy, but a series needs more complex character development, something that I think they handled pretty admirably. I find myself surprised at how complex and fleshed out the characters are.
    That the Simpsons became what they did makes it that much more fun to go back to their origins.