Monday, December 22, 2014


So, I don't monetize this blog -it's just aggregation of other people's hard creative work for educational (and entertainment) purposes.

However, I do have wares of my own to sell, and I have some that may be relevant to your interests.

TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AND WATCH CARTOONS merchandise, to be specific. The design features a blue monster with a big shiny butt, running free as the pantsless do, and can be found in three colorways (for now.)

Be forewarned I haven't edited the color choices for the shirts, but you can preview what the design looks like on each background, and I think I can trust you not to screw this up for yourself.

Feel free to peruse the rest of the items in the shop as well.


  1. Very nice! I'll investigate further if anyone gives me any cash for Xmas. And if postage to the UK is "reasonable", of course.

  2. "Reasonable." Oof. Some of the US shipping has been brutal, but I have been making large orders of samples because a) I want to make sure things don't look crummy b) It's Holiday time and people want presents and c) I am kind of vain.

    I'll be adding some smaller, flatter items that will hopefully not incur horrible shipping fees, like stickers and magnets.