Monday, February 25, 2013

Underdog - Episode 1, W. Watts Biggers, 1964

Via Metafilter I learned that the creator of Underdog, W. Watts Biggers, passed away on February 10th at the age of 85

In 1959, handling the General Mills account as an account executive with the Dancer Fitzgerald Sample advertising agency in New York, W. Watts Biggers teamed with Chet Stover, Treadwell D. Covington and artist Joe Harris in the creation of television cartoon shows to sell breakfast cereals for General Mills. The shows introduced such characters as King Leonardo, Tennessee Tuxedo and Underdog. (Wikipedia)

I totally used to wake up early to watch Underdog. Who remembers waking up early to watch cartoons? Please raise your hand, wave it about wildly, and shout MEMEME or I won't be able to see you through the internet.


  1. Yeah, I used to watch Underdog on Nickelodeon as a kid. I remember lamenting how I could never catch two consecutive halves of a given episode. It's a shame to hear of the creator's passing, although I was unaware of that the show was directly tied to advertising. Those insulting caricatures of native Americans really say a lot about the time though.

  2. Thanks for this. I watched Underdog early in the morning as a kid, and my dad liked it too. Really brings back memories.