Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ash Time, Hirotoshi Iwasaki, 2005


  1. This is from a collection of Japanese student short animations. I found this one particularly beautiful, and the aesthetic fits the present season rather well.
    Oh, wait, you're in Los Angeles. Here in Minneapolis we have these things called "seasons." Right now we are having one called "autumn" or "fall" and which is the precursor to the one called "winter" or "why do we live in this Godforsaken frozen Hellhole."

  2. Hahaha.. I grew up in the "snow belt" in mid-state NY--and though admit I miss colorful leaves of Octvember I hope never to shovel another snow-packed sidewalk as long as I live. All the same: I can see what you mean about this film suiting Autumn colors & October skies.

    P.S. I check these out almost every day, it's usually my first internet stop of the morning... Thanks for keeping true to the title.