Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Thomas Beale Cipher, Andrew Allen, 2010

Using pioneering animation techniques to create a look never seen on film before, his 10-minute award-winning film tells the true legend of history's most challenging cipher. Professor White, cryptographer extraordinaire, is on the trail of the notoriously uncrackable Thomas Beale cipher—a century-old riddle hiding the location of a fortune in gold that has tormented its pursuers since inception. But White is not alone—shadowy forces are tight on his tail.

The film contains 16 hidden messages that reveal the larger story at play. Eight are fairly easy and require only a close eye. Six are moderately difficult using various encryption methods. Two are extremely difficult and will require a genius mind to decrypt.

If you have a genius mind (and I will assume you must, seeing as how you have such impeccable taste in entertainment) and wanna do this, knock yourself out. I'm a bit daft, myself, so I'm just gonna enjoy the pretty pictures.

If you DO figure it out, feel free to brag to us in the comments, genius.


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