Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jay Mac and Rad Boy, Wesley Archer, 1984

BYOB Mac, we need cold brew-haw-haw.

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  1. Like to mention Bill Kopp also voiced one of those guys!

    I first saw "Jac Mac & Rad Boy GO!" through some sort of educational/motivational project that was shopped from school to school where they get you all into an auditorium and they play out this weird multi-media platform of sorts incorporating CD audio, 35mm slides and 16mm projectors set at three panels projected in front of you. The whole thing was called "The Edge" as I can think of, but it was meant to be one of those motivational deals you were supposed to be paying attention at. It was sponsored by Bose speakers and probably Pepsi for god's sake!

    Well anyway, Jac Mac & Rad Boy GO! was used in one sequence if only for a short clip they wanted to use showing irresponsibility as we see the guys storming in and out of the liquor store and go on a chase with the police. I remember it fading out before they crossed the train tracks so that was all we ever got to see of that film. A year later they picked Bill Plympton's "25 Ways to Quit Smoking" for another assembly. By then though they retired the 16mm projector and opted for a video projector working off a tape or some other source that time.

    Of course I also should mention this cartoon also showed on one of the TV's in "Back to the Future II", nice of Archer to get it into a major film!