Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, I fix.

So the people have spoken. And the winner was "fix it, bitch," by a landslide of three votes, one of which was mine.

Thanks to the two of you who were reluctant to call me a bitch. You are dears.

Thanks to the two random people who answered honestly. Your candor is appreciated, and your willingness to call me a name hs been duly noted.

I will be messing with the template, format, and colors for a bit. If it looks a bit wonky or off, rest assured, I did that on purpose.

Any additional comments or useful advice will be taken into account and reviewed. Snark*, as always, will be treasured.

*Unless the snark is a boojum, in which case, eff you. You know that is uncalled for and rude and NOT COOL, and you know why.

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