Monday, March 30, 2009

The daily cartoons so far.

I've been posting daily animations for my friends on Facebook, and they've really been enjoying it. One of them suggested that I should post them in blog form as well. His thought was that it would make me rich (thanks for thinking of me, Jon, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to work) but my motivation is much more altruistic. Cartoons are the best thing in the whole entire world, and should be shared with everyone, not just the lucky few who happen to know me.

Here are the first couple weeks of the daily cartoons, in reverse chronological order. I will try to embed them when I can, and will provide links when I can't.

March 29: Quasi at the Quackadero Sally Cruikshank.

March 28: Interplanet Janet, Schoolhouse Rock

March 27: Piotr Kamler, Couer de Secours 1973

March 26: Time for Timer. Hankerin' for a hunk of cheese and stuff. Three PSAs.

(What the Hell is Time for Timer anyway? A singing, dancing, lump of fat with arms and legs? Please say it's something else.)

March 25: Farce Anthropo: Cynique by Kihachiro Kawamoto

BONUS VIDEO: Photographs of Jesus, Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short and Sweet film challenge

March 24: Bimbo's Initiation, Fleischer Studios

March 23: The Unicorn in the Garden, James Thurber and UPA Pictures, 1953

March 22: Visions of Frank - various Japanese animatiors interpret the work of Jim Woodring

March 21: A la Mode, Stan Vanderbeek

March 20: Storytime, Terry Gilliam, 1968

March 19: Blue Pool, Katerina Maximova

March 18: The Additional Capabilities of the Snout, Ivan Maximov, 2008
I love Ivan Maximov a whole lot. You will find out how much.

March 17:Creature Comforts, Aardman Animation and Nick Park, 1989

March 16:Oktapodi, 2007 (Oscar nominee,2008), Julien Bocabeille, Fran├žois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin, Marmier, Emud Mokhberi

March 15: What's Opera Doc? Chuck Jones, 1957

March 14: Three Striped Balls& Polka Dot Ball , Sesame Street

March 13: Hey Bulldog, deleted scene from the film Yellow Submarine, 1968, George Dunning

WHEW. That's a whole bunch of cartoons. I usually write a little more about them, but I wanted to get this started up and get them all posted. Stay amused.

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